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Learn new tools to think differently, feel empowered and have a clearer path to achieve your dreams.
Group Coaching
Join an inspiring and engaging community of women in the EMPOWERED 90 day group coaching program.
Love Affair 101 Book
Love Affair 101: The Five Keys to Taking Charge of Your Life and Feeling Loved Again After Divorce.
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1:1 Coaching
We are not meant to just go through adversity. We are meant to GROW through it. With that in mind, working with Rachel is a powerful process and the ideal forum. She encourages women to identify their purpose and passions, communicate those visions in a safe environment, maximize their potential, and achieve what matters to them to create long lasting happiness and resilience in their lives.

Sessions promote new and healthy ways to identify limiting beliefs and make changes to feel more empowered and advance towards their goals. 

Gain insights, knowledge, new tools and techniques to help with resilience when challenges pop up.
Remember... Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts lead to action. Action, over time, become habits. And those newly adopted habits (when practiced) lead to long lasting results. 
Group Coaching
Are you ready to make 2020 one of your best years ever??? Join the EMPOWER program and never look back!
EMPOWER is a breakthrough group coaching program that will help you gain:
CLARITY, identify limiting beliefs and squash them, identify your own passion and power, see where you rank on the empowerment scale (and where you want to be), create a step-by-step ACTION PLAN and the unshakable VISION needed to maximize your success and create more momentum for the things you WANT in your life! 

No more putting your needs on the back burner, procrastinating, making and breaking New Years resolutions... again! Ugh! It's time to figure out what you want for YOU and the fastest way to take action towards your dreams and goals.

Figuring out what lies within you, dying to come out and play, what really lights you up and what steps to take to get there looks like this:
Identifying and getting rid of limiting beliefs... for good
Stop procrastinating
Improve your work/life balance and feeling EMPOWERED
Turning your dreams into a reality! Woot!

This is YOUR time. This is YOUR year. This is YOUR one life. Make it count!
Come with a dream, leave with a plan and resources you need to become more fulfilled and productive in each area of your life.
The Love Affair 101
Love Affair 101: The Five Keys to Taking Charge of Your Life and Feeling Loved Again After Divorce. 

Having lived through it herself, Rachel was inspired to support other women through their divorce journey using real life stories and experiences as well as tips and strategies for coping in her book. 

About Rachel Stone

Rachel Stone is a Master’s level counselor with over 20 years’ experience in community and behavioral health. She is an author, speaker, counselor, quality improvement specialist, mom, lover of self and others, and a natural born leader with a zest for living life to the fullest. Rachel grew up on a farm in upstate NY and despite being a small town, country girl, she always shoots for the stars and believes in her dreams. She has a feisty, yet loving spirit, which is what drove her to write her first book entitled Love Affair 101: The 5 Keys to Taking Charge of Your Life and Feeling Loved Again After Divorce. If there was just one word to describe her, it would be PASSIONATE, especially when it comes to helping others. 
Take charge of your life and feel loved again!
Work with Rachel Stone

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